1978 (First Old Mill)

Men: Bradley Brown, 20, Stockton, 32:29, OMR record.

Women: Patty Dahlstrom, 30, Mariposa, 42:36, OMR record.

Turnout: 263, OMR record.  


Men: Steve Owen, 27, Sonora, 35:14

Women: Patty Dahlstrom, Mariposa, 40:04, OMR record.  

Turnout: 280, OMR record.  

First and only time old course was run in reverse (out Parrotts Ferry and Springfield, back on Yankee Hill); CHP didn’t like it. 


Men: Dr. Chuck Waldman, 30, Columbia, 36:15.

Women: Pamela Blair, 30, Twain Harte, 41:13. 

Turnout: 410, OMR record.  Hot: There were 39 non-finishers.  


Men: Bradley Brown, 23, Stockton, 32:56. 

Women: Sharlet Gilbert, 30, Richmond, 37:20, OMR record.

Turnout: 346

Chilly, overcast.


Men:  Bradley Brown, 24, Stockton, 32:39 (10 seconds off own record). 

Women: Pamela Blair, 32, Twain Harte, 42:54. 

Turnout: 410, ties OMR record.  


Men: Jack Lawson, Modesto, 32:58. 

Women: Ivy Sarratt, Auburn, 44:09 (65th overall).

Turnout: 600, OMR record.

Heat “torrid”:  One runner kept in hospital overnight; another collapsed on course.


Men: Don Moses, 26, LaCrescenta, 32:12, OMR record, 25 secs ahead of Bradley Brown in fastest, closest Old Mill to date. 

Women: Sharlet Gilbert, 33, Richmond, 36:30, OMR record. 

Turnout: 629, OMR record, still stands 


Men: Benton Hart, Modesto, 32:50. 

Women: Sharlet Gilbert, 34, Modesto, 36:50. 

Turnout: 600. Weather: cold. 


Men: Bob Loux, Modesto, 33:18. 

Women: Laurie Crisp, 25, Modesto, 35:15, OMR record (still stands), 5th overall 

(beats Sharlet Gilbert, 35,  by 37 seconds). Sharlet: “She was strong and she was fast.” 

Turnout: 619. 

Record holder Don Moses drops out mid-course with a sore Achilles: “I was making an assault on the back of the pack.” 


Men: Fred Villegas, 29, Merced, 33:10. 

Women: Sharlet Gilbert, 36, Richmond, 37:17

Turnout: 604. Weather: “Frigid.” 


Men: Bob Loux, 31, Modesto, 33:23. 

Women: Patti Scott-Baier, Sonora, 37:54. (Only two women, Crisp and Gilbert, have run the Old Mill faster).

Turnout: 480, lowest since 1982. 


Men: Ken Danz, 33:40 (“The Old Mill Run’s all-time runner-up finally, tearfully,  grabbed the brass ring Saturday.”) 

Women: Doreen Brown, Modesto, 39:18.

Turnout: 580. 


Men: Kenny Brown, 20, Carmichael, 33:28. 

Women: Patti Scott-Baier, Sonora, 39:40. 

Brown also wins two-mile, 10:14. 

Turnout: 530. 


Men: Bob Loux, 34, Modesto, 33:19

Women: Patti Scott-Baier, Sonora, 40:52

Darren Holman, eighth-grader, 36:10. 

Turnout: 352

First rain ever for OMR, also windy and cold. 

Ken Danz: “Don’t make ‘em like they used to. The old guys have taken over,  and there aren’t any young lions rising up to become king of the jungle.”


Men: Bob Loux, 35, Modesto, 34:33 (OMR win No. 4) 

Women: Sharlet Gilbert, 41, Richmond, 38:52 (OMR win No. 5).

Turnout:  362. 

Loux, however, was not first to cross the finish line. Instead, 1987 OMR winner Fred Villegas, 34, of Merced, came in with 33:18. 

BUT, Villegas did not register for the ’92 OMR, and it wasn’t because he was cheap: The race was still free in 1992. “He’s out!” shouted Race Director Leon Casas as Villegas crossed the line. “He’s unofficial. He knew the rules; he shouldn’t have even crossed the finish line.” Villegas later said he arrived late and “didn’t have time to sign in.”  “We would have held up the race to let you,” countered Casas. 

THEN, then official winner Loux fell under controversy for cutting across the Sawmill Flat Road center line to “cut the tangents, ” and thus reduce marginally his distance covered.  Rules, set with traffic safety in mind, did not allow this. Other runners, according to post-race story in the Union Democrat, said Loux “crossed the yellow line more times than a drunk driver on a Saturday night.” 

RULES state that line-crossers “risk disqualification.” But after the Loux hullabaloo, Casas said that line will be changed to “will be disqualified.”  Loux, however, kept his medal.

Other 1992 trivia: “Only” 20 runners broke 40.  Seemingly ageless octogenarian Bernard Dathe, 86, who had finished every Old Mill to date, crossed the line in 1:20:08. 


Men: Jim Hartig, 38, Clovis (oldest winner to date), 32:55

Women: Regina Martinez, 11, Stockton (youngest winner to date), 43:18. 

Turnout: 319. 


Men: Matt Johanson, Sonora, 33:18

Women: Kathy Ryan, Sonora, 46:02. 

Turnout: 299. 

Winner Johanson,  a Union Democrat reporter, commented after the finish that “I would be a much better runner if my boss would give me more time off to train in the afternoon.” 

Eighty-eight-year-old Bernard Dathe runs his 17th consecutive Old Mill. “I want to make it to an even 20,” he said after finishing.  “Heck, I could do it again right now.” 


Men: Kenny Brown, Santa Rosa, 32:26 (just 15 seconds off Don Moses’ record and just 29 second ahead of runner-up Matt Johanson). 

Women: Joan Ottaway, 51, Sonora, 39:02 (Ottaway was holder of several age-group records).  

Five-time OMR champ Sharlet Gilbert of Richmond, was runner-up with a time of 40:05

Turnout: 260. 

Last Old Mill Run sponsored by The Union Democrat; last OMR with no entry fee.  


Men: Mike Spencer, Castro Valley, 31:32.  (OMR record, still stands).

Women: Joan Ottaway, 52, Sonora, 38:50. 

Turnout: 280. 

Spencer broke Don Moses’ 12-year-old record by 40 seconds. “I felt I was in good enough shape to challenge for the record,” said the Foothill High School track coach after finishing. “I felt 32 minutes was something I could do, even on a hilly course.” 

The 1996 race, for the first time, charged an entry fee — $12, which included a T-shirt.  Longtime local runner Randy Maple was race director and Richardson’s Family Fitness was prime sponsor. 

Donated theater tickets, dinners out, pet care, bottles of wine and Chuck Waldman painting were presented to overall and divisional winners. 


Men: Doug Arvit, 37, Murphys, 33:47. 

Women: Karen Steele, Merced, 40:06. 

Turnout: 242. 

Women’s runner-up Jennifer DeRego, a Sonora High senior, finished just eight seconds behind Steele. 

Kids mile and kids half-mile races added to the program. 


Men, Alan Dehlinger, Reno, 32:56. 

Women, Mary Coordt, Elk Grove, 38:42

Turnout: 249

Bernard Dathe, 92, powers through his 21st Old Mill in 2:40. Entry fee now $18 with shirt. 


Men, Doug Arvit, 39, Murphys, 34:31. 

Women, Joan Ottaway, 55, Sonora, 40:34. 

Turnout: 205 

Arvit finished a record 5:12 ahead of runner-up Jim Wachter of Rancho Cordova. 

Ottaway became the oldest ever OMR winner. 

Weather, hot, humid. 


Men, Brian Singleton, Newark, 36:24. 

Women, Julie Taggart, Pine Grove, 40:43. 

Turnout: 267. 

Sonoran Joan Ottaway, 56, was women’s runner-up in 43:33. 

Mini-Mill, down Columbia’s Main Street and kids’ mile rounded out program. 

Sonora Mountain Lions Club takes over as lead sponsor, with proceeds benefitting VNA/Hospice, Sober Grad Night and Columbia College. 

$400 prizes offered for breaking men’s or women’s record. 


Men, David Jigour, 16, Coulterville, 38:56. 

Women, Katie Briscoe, 14, Sacramento, 42:59. 

Turnout: 186. 

Sonorans Ken Danz (40:04) and Joan Ottaway (43:45) are runners-up. 

Mike Kubasek and Eddie Zoma, founder of the famed Eddie Zoma Running Club, each finishes his 24th consecutive Old Mill. 


No Old Mill, lack of sponsors, organizers 


No Old Mill, lack of sponsors, organizers. 


Men: Tim Wyman, 44, Columbia, 37:31. 

Women: Natasha Brown, 13, 44:27. 

Turnout: 69. 

Kathie Peacock and Sonora Kiwanis Club take over as sponsors of revived Old Mill Run. Proceeds benefit free Community Christmas Eve Dinner at the Mother Lode Fairgrounds. 


Men:  Billy Brewer, 17, Sonora, 37:24.  

Women: Christine Dibble, no time available.  

Turnout: Unavailable. 


Men: Kenny Brown, 36, Santa Rose, 35:13. 

(longest gap between first and most recent OMR victories:  Brown won in 1990).

Women, Lia Nibur, 31, Coarsegold, 42:18.

Turnout: Unavailable.

Last race run on original course. 

2007 (short course)

Men: Bill Raitter, Twain Harte, 29:38. 

Women: Sarah Raitter (Bill’s wife), Twain Harte, 33:34.

Blazing times “led to belief that Old Mill course wasn’t a full 10K.”

Bill Raitter: “I’d say it was about 8.5 K.” Course went to college and back via back roads.  

An organizer: Changed because “we thought construction at Columbia School could create problems.” 

First and last married couple to win M and W divisions. 

Turnout: Unavailable. 


Men: Mike Hoyar, 52, Forest Ranch (Butte County), 38:42, (Course record).

Women: Sheri Kidwell (Mike’s girlfriend), 35, Forest Ranch, 42:46 (second overall, Course record).  

Turnout: 170. 

First Old Mill on new course, which runs south on Parrotts Ferry, onto North Airport, up Chile Gulch, to airport (skirting grass runway), back onto N. Airport and back to Columbia. 


Men: Michael Sweeley, 29, Sonora, 42:11. 

Women: Susan Henderson, 47, Lodi, 52:27. 

Turnout: 100. 


Men: Dean Alley, Sonora, 37:21, Course record).  

Women: Melissa Hough (former Sonoran), Hawaii, 46:37. 

Turnout: 140. 


Men: Zack Weldon, 39:35. 

Women: Kecia Bliss, 49:32. 

Turnout: 111. 

Hot: “80s in shade.” 


Men, Brian Forbes, 37, Sonora, 37:42.

Women, Brianna Willis, 32, 49:19. 

Turnout: 100. 

Hot. Forbes: “It was a grind out there.” 


Men, Jackson McIllroy, 14, Jackson, 41:15. 

Lia Jigour, 30, Coulterville, 46:25. 

Two mile: Cassi Land, Sonora, 13:43. First female ever to win two-mile outright. 

Turnout: 116.  


Women, Riva Muehlbauer, 32, Columbia, time unknown

Men, unknown.

Turnout unknown. 

No coverage; winners needed.   


Men: Dylan Muehlbauer, 12, Columbia, 47:43. 

Women (and, for the first time, overall winner): Dylan’s mom, Riva Muehlbauer, 33, Columbia, 41:37, Course record.

2 mi: Sarah Azevedo, a Curtis Creek School 4th grader, wins in a blazing 12:36. 

Turnout: 77


Men: Darren Holman, Sonora, 36:16, Course record.   

Women, Cassi Land, Sonora, 45:40. 

Turnout: 81


Men: Adin Dibble, 13, Sonora, 38:16 (youngest winner ever) 

Women: Jill Jodie, 55:47. 

Turnout: 70 


Men: Adin Dibble, 14, Sonora, 37:06.

Women: Sarah Butcher, 40, Dunedin, NZ, 51:55.  (First foreign winner of OMR). 

Turnout: 170. 

A community group headed by retired school administrator Dave Urquhart takes over organization of the Old Mill, with an immediate uptick in turnouts resulting. Sponsorships and T-shirt sales proceeds go to Sonora’s annual free Community Christmas Eve Dinner and to the Wings Funds, founded by Dave and Teree Urquhart, which assists families caring for ill or injured children by providing lodging near hospitals and other support.  


Men: Broen Holman, 13, Sonora, 35:16, Course record (beats his dad’s 2016 mark). 

Women, Melissa Foiada, 39, Twain Harte, 48:07.  

First year cash prizes given to winners.  

Turnout: 170. 


No Old Mill (Covid pandemic). 


No Old Mill (Covid). 

Course differences: 

OLD COURSE (1978-2008): 6.2 miles, 358 vertical feet of climbing. 

NEW COURSE: 6.2 miles, 456 vertical feet of climbing. 


Men: Mike Spencer (1996), 31:32.  

Women: Laurie Crisp (now Clare) (1986), 35:15. 

NEW COURSE RECORDS (run since 2008): 

Men: Broen Holman (2019), 35:16. 

Women: Riva Muehlbauer (2015), 41:37. 


We’d love to let you know when Registration opens. 😎